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Ivy-Ray Rail is based out of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.  Fort Saskatchewan is in the center of a petrochemical processing district North East of Edmonton commonly referred to as Alberta's Industrial Heartland.  We offer our services Canada-wide as well as the northern United States.  Ivy Ray Rail is operated by professionals with up to 35 years of experience in the following:

  • Heavy Equipment leasing and sales since 1998.
  • 35 years as a Heavy Equipment Operators.
  • 15 years in Industrial Plant Process Operations.
  • 35 years in Safety Management positions for petrochemical, construction, industrial and light rail industry.
  • Designed and delivered training courses for heavy industry since 1998.

Ivy-Ray Rail.  Railcar Mover Sales and  Heavy Equipment Operator Training.

Ivy-Ray Rail. Railcar Mover Sales and Heavy Equipment Operator Training.

Sales . . .

Ivy Ray Rail sells completely re-manufactured preowned rail car movers.  Any preowned unit we bring in is dismantled down to the frame.  It is  then sandblasted, undercoated and repainted.  The engine and  Transmission are rebuilt.  Axles are replaced, and upgraded wiring  replaces the existing layout.  New rail wheels and rubber tires are  installed.  The unit is now ready for resale and we offer a full one year warranty.  Ask us about this option.  

RailKing mobile railcar mover

RailKing mobile railcar mover

Heavy Equipment Operator Training . . .

Ivy Ray Rail also specializes in Heavy Equipment Operator Training.  Please call us for quotes and availability.  Our heavy equipment operator training packages are second to none:

  • We are recognized throughout the Industry.
  • Our Rates are competitive.
  • On site training is our specialty.

Locomotive Operation Training Available

Locomotive Operation Training Available

Shuttlewagon railcar mover

New Shuttlewagons available now !

Commander Series Available models: 

  • SWX315
  • SWX420
  • SWX525

Navigator Series Available models: 

  • NVX5025
  • NVX- Electric
  • NVX6030
  • NVX7035
  • NVX8040

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